February 5, 2023

Dear colleagues and friends,

This introduction is to introduce you to the Simplicity of Homeopathy Webinars. With this course I want to pass on the knowledge and practical skills I have gained in my 45 years of practice and teaching. That being said, however, these sessions are not enough to fit into 45 years of experience. Therefore, we implore each participant to fully immerse themselves in the learning and make the most of the resources we can provide to support this self-learning. This certainly requires dedication, time and hard work, but we will not ask participants to do anything we are not prepared to do ourselves, and as such we will be with participants during this period to answer any doubts and provide guidance. when necessary.

The course will be presented in 2 components. The first component will be the live cases where I will film a live homeopathic case and then do an analysis. Here, participants can watch and then interact and discuss the case. The second component will be in the form of recorded lectures that will be sent. This is some of our most valuable content with cases demonstrating the latest in my approach and understanding of homeopathy and treatment. These entries will cover topics such as: “Fundamentals of Homeopathy”, “Case Recording and Resolution”, “The 8 Box Method”, “Overview of the Kingdoms” (Mineral, Plant and Animal) and using the Plant Chart: subclasses and superclasses and the WISE process. This content will also be highlighted and reviewed during the Live Events component.

Lecture recordings will be made available to participants upon registration where they will have access to them for a period of 3 months. Please find the lecture topics and course breakdown below;

Video 1:

Duration – 1 hour, 10 m

Overview – an introductory talk with a case to explain the modern approach

Video 2:

Duration – 3.00h.

Overview – Introduction to the fingerprinting method and repertoire.

Video 3:

Duration – 3.00h.

Review – Subclass and Superclass Cases with Comprehension, Repertory, Case Solving…

Video 4:

Duration – 3.00h.

Overview – Overview of the WISE method case and the superclass case

Live Sessions: Total time 10 hours

1x Q&A session (1 hour)

3x live case study session (3 hours)

Date of sessions:

5 February 2023 (09:30 – 10:30 EEST)

12 February 2023 (09:30 – 12:30 EEST)

19 February 2023 (09:30 – 12:30 EEST)

26 February 2023 (09:30 – 12:30 EEST)

A total of 20 hours of video material and live sessions.

Following requests from participants, we decided to record each session and make these recordings available for a period of time after the session. In recognition of the spirit of this gesture and in recognition of all the work that went into preparing this material, we ask that all participants respect all privacy and copyright laws by not sharing these recordings and study materials with others.


Please watch the video to get more information. The course will be translated and I will soon send the crack translation of this video as well, but the main thing is that the problem of homeopaths is not that they don’t know enough. Hahnemann worked successfully with 100 drugs, now we learn 300 in the first 3 years. This is not so difficult, it is possible. The problem is that we do not go deep enough into the case, or we look one-sidedly, seeing some characteristic symptom and immediately prescribe. Here in this course it is not about learning MM or Repertory, although we will learn the plant classes in a new way, but rather the case shooting technique will be emphasized. Dr. Shankaran has further developed his technique of taking cases from the time when he came to Bulgaria in the period 2015 – 2017. Now he shows how through the homeopathic interview we can heal even without medicine.

I look forward to meeting you all.

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Dr Rajan Shankaran, MD (Hom), Fshom (UK) is an internationally renowned homeopath thinker, teacher and writer. His understanding of disease as delusion, followed by his discovery of the newer miasms, classifications of disease states into kingdoms (ie plant, mineral, and animal), and the seven levels of experience, brought much more clarity to the understanding of disease states.

This paved the way for one of the most innovative concepts for eliciting vital sensations in the patient, the common thread of experience that runs through the patient at all levels, known as the “feeling method.” The method of feeling has now evolved into a more comprehensive approach that integrates classical and traditional approaches with the latest advances and has been called “The Synergy in Homeopathy”.

After more than 40 years of homeopathic practice, Dr. Shankaran presented his latest innovative techniques, the WISE process, helping the practitioner quickly reach a patient’s deepest experience of the patient by bypassing consciousness and its defenses. While bringing profound therapeutic benefits to the patient as part of the process itself. These techniques are beautifully illustrated in his latest book, From Shadow to Light – WISE Processes in Homeopathic Case Studies.

Dr Shankaran heads the International Academy of Advanced Homeopaths ‘The Other Song’ in Mumbai.

Course fee: $300

If paid by December 5 in a group of 30 people: $250

For details, write to email: homeopathyvoice@abv.bg

Organizer: Homeopathyvoice Online School, Bulgaria


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Genoveva Georgieva

classical homeopath.

Teacher at Homeopathyvoice Online School


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