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Case of a woman – ‘I feel hindered and attacked from all sides’

Amphimallon solstitiale

August 16, 2020



This woman came to me with severe pain in the neck and told me that the doctors have suggested her operation as the only way to cure her. She was afraid of operation and has tried homeopathy for 5 years with no significant improvement. So, this is the case:

  • Main complaint: Disc herniation, exostosis
  • There was a very strong wind and I got very worse. My neck hurt, the pain worsened and the MRI showed herniated discs, exostosis, distortion and pain in the arm, but it was due to the level of the disc herniation (it goes to the left and goes to the left arm).
  • What are the symptoms?
  • At first, I couldn’t brush my teeth, I was constantly roaring and the most desperate thing was that the drugs, the corticosteroid injections, didn’t help me at all.
  • Severe pain.
  • Tell me about your nature?
  • My problems are more psycho-emotional with my husband. Things there irritate me or there is no balance. He travels and when he’s not here I wake up at 4- 5 o’clock and I can’t sleep. This has been the case before.
  • Tell me more about this situation with your husband?
  • Maybe I am wrong in this case, because I once took Calcarea carbonica and I was very good; I didn’t get nervous and I trusted him a lot, otherwise I’m very j.

Slowly her nature is revealing to us.

  • Tell me about your nature as a child?
  • Very, very, very ambitious, just like there is no such ambitious child, first of all.
  • Very competitive, I made a lot of plans, I had a lot of ideas, my brain worked a lot, and now I’m duller. I cried a lot and now I’m more emotional. I can cry for something very minimal. And I’m very responsible, I have a sense of duty, I may not feel like it, but I try to please others, I can’t say no.
  • What differs you from other children?
  • I had a lot of fun, I loved company, guys, I often got out of the house to go to a disco. And for me, since I was a child, love is very important, the man I should be with, because since I have been with my husband during this time.
  • What was the most stressful situation in your life?
  • When friend of mine died.
  • What is the sensation in this situation, as if it is happening now?
  • As if everything is collapsing, the end of the world is coming. When I heard the news on the phone, it was as if I had fallen, my legs were cut off and I was in shock, you don’t know what’s going on, it’s as if something is happening outside of you.
  • It’s as if you’ve lost everything as emotions and it collapses.
  • That’s how you collapse (cutting off gesture).

The gesture doesn’t match with the words – SRP

  • Describe only the gesture (there is lot of energy)?
  • It’s as if a gesture is vertical and cuts, a gesture vertical and hurts.
  • Ok, go on.
  • That’s why I have this fear of cutting and then I was so scared and I have been afraid of cutting since I was a child.
  • What comes to your mind spontaneously when you say cut, forget about yourself.
  • It’s like cutting the stem of a plant (image, delusion).

Then she said spontaneously:

  • Another thing is restlessness, impatience, nervousness, and some things may happen that may not be so important, but as they push me and became as a chain reaction, one leads to the other and they become more and more pushed like a shift of layers.
  • I want to do a lot of things and suddenly everything collapses and a lot of things piled up for me and I hadn’t slept and I see that I’m nervous, but I can’t wait, can’t gather my parts. And the fact that I can’t handle it and it’s as if they’re pressing you and you don’t succeed.
  • That’s exactly how I feel my spine, that’s how I feel it loaded and collapsed.

Very interesting, she is talking with lot of energy and what is most important. Is that she linked the type of the pain in the spine with this ‘do a lot of things and suddenly everything collapses’. So, this is the center of the case, because here the local became general and linked with the main complain. So, we have to explore this sensation to the bottom. This is source language, but we still do not know the remedy.

  • Describe this words :’ do a lot of things and suddenly everything collapses’ out of the context?
  • When the things accumulate, they weigh you down and you fall, because you are no longer capable, you are not right. It’s as if you collapse down from above and end.
  • Ok, go on.
  • I can’t.
  • What dreams did you get?
  • I dream of my husband. Very often I cheat on him.
  • The feeling?
  • Pleasant, then in another dream he cheats on me and then the world is over, I’m very angry and I can’t believe it.
  • I’m cheating on him, and I’m very upset.
  • I fly many times in my sleep.
  • What environment do you feel best in?
  • At the sea.
  • Which dream can you say a little more about?
  • For the one with the delay and something constantly divert me and slows me down and it’s like I can’t move from things that bother me. Probably, I can’t move it, because something is always happening and distracting me.
  • What comes to mind spontaneously when you say distraction?
  • Suitcase and… and some things happen that bother me and slow me down.
  • Another word that comes to your mind?
  • Love is very important to me. Happy, there are no things that generally hinder you. Nothing hinders or distracts you (again a gesture like a cut). You do everything with ease because you are more hopeful, because you know that…. If it is not there, they attack you.

We now understand that the cutting actually is experienced like hindered, because it speaks of hindering, but she shows cutting.

  • What is the sensation to be hindered?
  • It is as if they are attacking you from all sides.
  • What do you see right now as you say this?
  • All the things that hinder me.
  • Tell me another word that comes to your mind spontaneously?

With this question, I aim to distract her from her personality and make her closer to the unconsciousness where the source vibration is hidden, because she is now at 5c level.

  • Sea, I love the sea very much. It works very strong, powerful, impactful, I like it to be calm and stormy and to dive into it
  • What is the sensation of diving into it?
  • Salty, I really like to dive all over, you feel protected.

Here she already speaks in the second person singular, which means that she detaches herself from the personality and moves towards the unconscious individuality.

  • Describe the word protected outside of you?
  • Nothing external can obstructs you.
  • Outside of you, forget about you?
  • That everything is fine and suddenly something swoop you and hinders you. You have to stop and pay attention to it first. You can’t keep doing your job until you fix it.
  • Describe this thing that hinders you and you have to pay attention to it?
  • It’s as if something is coming, flying and diverting me from my path. I have to stop and deal with this side thing, and it annoys me a lot.
  • Well done, go on!
  • As a fear that something might happen, that something would come suddenly and disturb my good rhythm.
  • What comes to your mind out of context when you say something to come suddenly and divert you from the path?
  • Like an annoying fly that irritates and disturbs me.
  • Tell me another word?
  • Something that doesn’t leave me alone, which is annoying, I still can’t go on, and I have to get rid of it if it’s a fly.
  • Another word?
  • +++ fried eggplant, allaminutes, fried zucchini, wine in the evening
  • I love to move, swim, go to the sea.
  • I easily despair (this points tubercular or syphilitic miasm).
  • How do you feel as you move?
  • More energetic. I’m always in a hurry.
  • The attitude towards animals?
  • I love kittens, dogs.
  • I don’t like black, hard bugs, there are some, they are called harvesters… It looks like a cockroach but it isn’t, it flies like a helicopter and blunts, it falls. As a child I had a very nasty situation, the room was full of such bugs and you can only hear them crashing into the walls and falling and it was very nasty. And I don’t like snakes.
  • I am very sensitive to this thing not harming me, as if something harmful will enter me, as if I do not believe in these corticosteroids.
  • I don’t want them to put something bad in me (gesture, toe).
  • All other animals love only these pests I don’t like.
  • Tell me a little bit more about pests?
  • Rodent, as if you are not contributing anything, no one has invited them, they come and spoil the rhythm of others.
  • Tell me about them?
  • Now I imagine a rat cutting a cable.

End of the case.


  • Level 1 (Name of the disease) – Disc herniation
  • Level 2 (Fact) – Severe, sharp pain in the neck
  • Level 3 (Emotions) – Restlessness, impatience, nervousness
  • Level 4 (Delusions, dreams, situation) – dreams of jumping, flying, sea, cheating
  • Level 5 (Sensation)
  • 5A) Kingdom animal – Attacked, suspicious, very ambitious, competitive, sexual, the problem is from outside, many sensations (cutting, hindered, pressed, collapsing)
  • 5B) Subkingdom insects – Suspicious, very ambitious, competitive, sexual, likes fun, responsible, jumping, flies aversion
  • 5C) It’s as if something is coming suddenly, flying and diverting me from my path. I have to stop and deal with this side thing, and it annoys me a lot.
  • I don’t like black, hard bugs, there are some, they are called harvesters .. It looks like a cockroach but it isn’t, it flies like a helicopter and blunts, it falls. As a child I had a very nasty situation, the room was full of such bugs and you can only hear them crashing into the walls and falling and it was very nasty.

Prescription: Anphimallon solstitiale 30C, 3 doses


It was one of the most exciting experiences in my practice. We do not have any information about this remedy and I was so surprised to find that she needs harvester to get rid of the disease. The way she reached the source level was fabulous.

Source information

Harvesters are attracted to light and are most often seen at night around gardens and street lamps. Insects move fast, hit objects hard and startle citizens. A real scourge.


Amphimallon solstitiale, also known as the summer chafer or European june beetle, is a beetle similar to the cockchafer but much smaller, approximately 20 millimetres (0.79 in) in length. They are declining in numbers now, but where found they are often seen in large numbers. At dusk they actively fly around tree tops looking for a mate and can often be found drowning in pools of water the following morning. They are also attracted to light and come in through open, lit windows and fly around lamps, making quite a racket while bumping into lights. They are found throughout the Palearctic region, commonly seen from June to August, living in meadows, hedgerows, and gardens, and eating plants and tree foliage.



DD with Lamprohiza splendidula( firefly)


Want to escape the mundane

Dualities – good and evil, light and darkness

Great sensitivity, feels fragile and that is why have a tendency to small injuries and splinters

Peter Fraser

Extract of the book ‘Insects’ of Peter Fraser.


Follow up after a month:

She agreed to record this follow up, so this is what she shared:

This interview was very strange and unexpected. On the second day after the remedy, I felt very tired. I slept many hours, more than usual. At the 6th day, I had strong pain in the stomach and temperature. It took two days and then I felt better, my energy was higher, my desire for living, learning increased. I also got desire for sport. My pain was less. My improvement with the pain is 75 %. The pain is still there, but I can do much more things. I can give you an advice: ‘When you go to homeopathy interview, you have to be honest, exact and should go really deeper in yourself, because everything that appear on the surface is not the disease. Everything that you can say, can name it:’ I feel this, I feel that, I have this disease, this is not the reason, not the disease. The disease is hidden deep in ourself, so you should go further and deeper and if you manage to do this. Tis is the only way you can help the homeopath. So, for me, my experience was that I talked complete nonsenses. It was really something very strange, unconscious, but I think G found my remedy, because I feel much better and I am very happy.

Follow up after 7 months:

She is still fine. We repeated the remedy twice with excellent result after every repetition. Her pains in the neck and left arm completely gone and she is fine  at all levels.


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