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19.00 – 21.00

Dear homeopathy lovers,

This is a workshop where we will look at a case, through which we will understand the complex approach in case taking. We will see how the sensation method and the background method intertwine beautifully as in a symphony, from which the melody of the source emerges.

One of the stumbling blocks in our practice is that when we reach the subkingdom, we cannot reach the exact source. Knowing the subkingdom is 50% of the work we have done. The other 50% are more difficult and we usually fail there. We must give the right remedy, otherwise even a remedy of the same order will not help in depth.

Workshop structure:

  1. Basics of sensation method;
  2. Basics of the background method;

In this workshop we will see how to get step by step to the exact source, even if it is not described in our MM. We will consider issues such as:

  1. What questions to ask?
  2. How to interpret the patient’s words?
  3. How to creatively combine the background method, the method of sensation, MM, Michal Yakir, Scholten, Mahesh Gandhi?

The workshop is suitable for beginners in new methods, as well as for advanced ones who are stuck in their practice and in some cases cannot move forward.

I am waiting for you with a lot of love and inspiration! You can ask questions and we can turn it into a real celebration of homeopathy. Let’s understand it through experience, not with the mind!

Admission is free

Duration 2 hours.

Meeting in zoom: Topic: Complex approach to filming cases – homeopathic workshop, free entry

Time: May 31, 2022 07:00 PM Sofia

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Meeting ID: 893 8836 6679

Passcode: 445451

Moderator: Genoveva Georgieva, classical homeopath and teacher at Homeopathyvoice Online School

Facebook groups: Homeopathy is a miracle, Homeopathyvoice Online School, New era of love with homeopathy


Dear homeopathy lovers,

Welcome to this amazing event!

We would love to discuss with you four very exciting subkingdoms!

The animal world is always unpredictable, charming and vivid!

We will be happy to sail with you into this new area!





World Homeopathy Week (10-16 April, 2021)

Live patient review online.

Online practical webinar with Genoveva Georgieva.

Admission freе

10.04., Saturday at 17.00 in Zoom.

Registration link:

On the eve of a very exciting day, I would say the most exciting for homeopathy, the birth of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of this revolutionary system uniting the ancient and mystical knowledge of the east and west with the modern concepts of the new branches of science such as quantum physics, quantum electrodynamics, as well as transpersonal psychology shamanism and others. Practically combined with any method, homeopathy gives a holographic finish to the process reaching the greatest depth and precise individuality. According to the latest revolutionary paradigm, homeopathic medicine is a hologram that resonates with the person who is also a hologram, and so through the law of likeness, the upset life force (electromagnetic field, aura, hologram) is restored so that a person can fulfill the highest goals of his existence!


Online course: The method of feeling for beginners

17 April – 31 October 2021

10 modules

My story as a homeopath in a nutshell:

I started studying homeopathy in 2004 at the London College of Homeopathy, Bulgaria branch.I studied parallel medicine for two years.

The first year I was restrained from reading Rajan Sankaran, because it was thought that it was too early for me and that I had to learn classical homeopathy first. I managed to make it through somehow, even though I was very attracted to his books. I had read one before I started studying, and it seemed amazing. I didn’t understand why I had to wait to complete two years of classical homeopathy training, but I listened to the more experienced for me. But my information was getting more and more, and despite my huge enthusiasm somehow, it was a little scary. The mountain of information was getting bigger and bigger. I attended almost all possible seminars of international lecturers and this information was useful to me, but in my head, it was a complete mess.

In my second year, I couldn’t stand it, and I dissolved Dr. Sankaran’s book ‘Soul of the remedies’.

It’s like a soft, gentle wave spilled all over my body. Everything was so tidy, every drug had a center. I realized that I don’t have to learn everything, but learn to think and get the most out of it. How great were my joy and excitement when, thanks to this book, I was able to solve two difficult cases at the end of the course? One case was of severe asthma of a 26-year-old man who had been on bronchodilators and antihistamines for 20 years. After the first dose of Carcinosin 200C, the allergic asthma was almost gone, although this was in May, in the pollen season. He returned an old symptom, a headache that passed for about 3 days, and then the severe allergy with suffocation passed with only a few tears from the eyes. Then his wife’s arthrosis was fixed with Kali-muriaticum.

I was very happy and I thought that was the sensation method. But in 2008 I realized that this is only Matter Medica, and the sensation method is learned with video cases, not books.

Two years of learning from video seminars followed.

Here the next secret was revealed to me, again I felt like Alice in Wonderland, as in the beginning.

Successful cases of heart failure followed with Badiaga, which came out in an astonishing way. Then depression and chronic cough with Cypraea eglantine, bipolar disorder with Testudo hermanni, etc., all rare drugs that I would never have come to with my knowledge of the first two years.

I was very enthusiastic and started teaching the sensation method to too small groups of beginners in 2011.

In 2013, however, I met Dr. Sankaran live in London and this meeting changed my whole perception of homeopathy. He was already teaching Synergy (a combination of classical homeopathy and sensation method) and I was, as fascinated as I was desperate. That was a very high level. I despaired and stopped teaching. I went to his Academy in Mumbai and visited her every year for six years. This was so to say “The Third Beginning” in my path to the truth about the deepest cause of the disease.

That’s where it all happened before our eyes. Live cases are being screened and commented on at the moment with a teacher. You learn different methods, approaches. What was most interesting to me was the technique of case taking. It was a great experience. This has given me a new impetus and the results in my practice have improved.

What is the advantage of the sensation method?

It is like a grid that descends from above and arranges all remedies in three main kingdoms: mineral, plant, and animal. If it’s about sensitivity and reactivity, it’s plant kingdoms. If there’s a sense of lack, it’s a mineral kingdom. If there’s a sense of race, hierarchy, sacrifice, jealousy, attractiveness, it’s an animal kingdom. For example, if the feeling is tight, stiff,  this is the sensation of the Anacardiaceae plant family and there are 10 drugs there. According to the miasm in which the patient falls, we prescribe one of them. It’s a big break. To have to choose from 10 drugs and out of 10,000 is something completely different. Several homeopaths began to spell out the same remedy, which is a great achievement. Before it was If you hit, you hit it.

So, in 2016 I resumed my teaching, but on another level.

Now I work with other methods, but the main thing I realized is that the Soul of the remedies and sensation method is not non-classical homeopathy.

The disease is not a collection of symptoms but is something beyond the symptoms. According to Hahnemann’s definition, the disease is something that lies beyond any process and any sensation and far beyond the symptoms. It is a dynamic disorder of dynamic life force. The essence of the disease is present in everything the patient experiences; in each cell and in all symptoms, and the totality of symptoms is the totality of the disease. But the totality of symptoms is not the sum of arbitrary symptoms, which we think are important. It is a quintessence, extracted from everything the patient says, and this basic thing is a pattern, not just symptoms. Very often the Repertory has led me to a dead end. For example, if the drug is Serval, how will we know from the Repertory that the patient’s desire is to play with the victim before eating it? This is a case of migraines, stretched meniscus, and hemorrhoids, which was wonderfully influenced by this unknown and for me a remedy that was implied in Sachindra Joshi’s book.

The Repertory contains the information up to level 4, which is the level of delusion, and the cause of the disease is at level 5 – sensation.

Bönninghausen says there are no local symptoms at all, everything in general. A particular symptom, which is detected locally expressed brightly with gestures, energy, is no longer a local symptom. It’s a sensation and it becomes leading for the case. It is reflected in emotions, delusions, hobbies, dreams, relationships, and fears. As we enter the depth of these categories, we come to the very sensation that corresponds to the 5 levels of expression of the life force. There on level 5 and 6 is so to say the deepest level of violation of the life force from which the disease originates. There is the Holy Grail, which is hidden behind a veil of physical grievances, modalities, emotions, delusions. There, miracles happen on this level, and before us, the picture of a completely different being emerges, which is inhuman, illogical, and unreasonable. Often at this level, patients laugh or say, “I never thought about it, ha weird, I didn’t know that about myself. “



April 17:

Introduction to the sensation method. Basics of the case-taking technique (questions to ask, levels, philosophy). Homeopathy and the patient as a holographic matrix.

Mineral kingdom: the themes of minerals by rows and columns.

Cases of practice – Mg-m, Nat-Phos, Scandium.

An additional case of Leontopodium (edelweiss) – the mountain gemstone.


May 8:

The ten miasms. Different techniques and approaches when taking the case.



30 May:

Plant Kingdom: Magnoliales, Piperales;


June 20: Ranunculales, Papaverales;


July 11: Hamamelidales, Fagales;


July 31: Rosales, Solanales;


5 September: Subkingdom mammals;


September 26: Subkingdom snakes;


10 October: Subkingdom mollusks;


October 31: Sub-kingdom Birds.


What will you get from this course?

  1. You will understand the basic characteristics of the three kingdoms;
  2. You will find out how to differentiate them in your practice;
  3. You will understand the disease as a phenomenon in its entirety;
  4. You will improve your case taking technique to get to the core of the life force and thus help without homeopathic medicine;
  5. You will learn to recognize miasmas;
  6. You will free yourself from prejudices such as: if there is a love disappointment, then it is Nat-m, for trauma – Arnica, for chubby and slow people Calcarea, for ambitious, perfect and disappointed in love– Ignatia, etc.;
  7. The most valuable thing is that we will learn mainly through video cases and live cases. As you know, there are 3 levels of training:

1) books that give information but do not show masterfulness, gestures, posture, patient radiation, pauses, etc.

2) video cases that show all this

3) live cases where you see the whole process without the possibility of editing, that is, it is clinical practice, and here the beauty of what happens to this art happens before your eyes. Reaching the Holy Grail, which is beyond human, beyond what is visible to our perceptions. Thus, remedies are remembered much easier.

  1. Last but not least, we will have fun together learning through humor and with ease!

If you fail to attend the scheduled date, you can watch the recording up to 3 months after.

The participants will receive my book for free: “Synergy, innovation in homeopathy”.

That’s 10 sessions. Each of them lasts all day: from 10.00-18.00.

Price: 80 BGN/40E

Price for the whole course: 600 BGN instead of 800/300E instead of 400

Additional discount – 10% till April 15 – 280 Eh

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Genoveva Kostova Georgieva

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Genoveva Georgieva

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Thank you!

Student feedback:

Videlina Deneva (homeopath from Germany): Thanks again for the shared inspiration and knowledge! Individual approach, patience, and constant demand! I wish the seminars would turn into books to reach more people.

Maria Budakova(a dentist homeopath from Bulgaria): You are an exceptional person and homeopath. I am grateful that fate has met us and I can absorb your knowledge and experience. I want more and more people to seek this way of treatment, I want more and more people to touch this miracle! Keep going on the path of knowledge, training, and inspiration!

Dilana Burnaova (pharmacist homeopath from Bulgaria):

I am happy to be part of this magical journey – homeopathy led by you. Thanks to destiny for meeting us and that I have the opportunity to learn from your experience, to touch your charisma, to “absorb” the knowledge you share with us at every seminar and at every moment when I need help. After each meeting I felt inspired, charged, and full of confidence, I felt more and more my connection and wholeness with everything around us and I understood more and more how homeopathy works and how it is a unique method of restoring health and well-being. During my training I also had moments of despair, disbelief, I thought I will not be able to cope. But just then patients appeared, with whom we managed to get to the right remedy with the sensation method and I was happy to see rapid improvements at all levels of the patient. Thanks to you for always giving me confidence and strength to keep going and not stop. I worship the power of homeopathy, I worship Samuel Hahnemann, I worship you Genoveva! I love you!

Daniela (nurse, Bulgaria): You are a virtuoso, Genoveva. You inspire me so much.

Adriana Michaltan (Homeopath with 10 years practice from Romania) “Despite my training in” the other song ” Academy of Advanced Homeopaths, I still find depth and insight for myself. Wonderful seminars.


I am waiting for you with love, impatience, and inspiration!

Genoveva Georgieva


       July 25-26.2020 – October 29.2020

July 25-26, 2020

First row of the PT – Hydrogen, Helium, Positronium
Repertoire of mental rubrics.

September 26-27:
Second row of the PT – Lithium, Berillium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluor, Neon
Repertory chapter – general symptoms. Miasms.

October 24-25:
Third row of the PT: Natrium, Magnesium, Alumina, Silicea, Phosphor, Sulfur, Chlorine, Argon
Converting the patient’s words into rubrics.
How to learn homeopathic remedies?
Extract the center of the case.
Identification of secondary and tertiary symptoms.

November 28-29:
Fourth row of the PT: Kalium, Calcarea, Scandium, Titanium, Vanadium, Mangan, Ferum, Cobalt, Niccolum, Cuprum, Zinc, Arsenicum, Selenium, Brom, Krypton
Repertorization of physical symptoms – location, sensation, concomitant, modalities.
Acute conditions.

December 19-20:
Fifth row of the PT: Rubidium, Strontium, Niobium, Palladium, Argentum, Stannum, Antimonium, Iodum, Xenon.
Case technique.

January 30-31:
Sixth row of the PT: Caesium, Barium, Tantalum, Platinum, Aurum, Mercury, Plumbum, Radon
Tracking technique. What is a healing crisis and what is a homeopathic deterioration?

March 27-28, 2021:
Lanthanides and actinides: Lantanum-Lutentium
Actinium – Lawrencium
Tracking technique.

Second year:
Plant kingdom – parallels with the mineral and animal kingdoms
April 24-26:

First column – Class Magnoliidae
Genus: Magnoliales, Nymphaeales, Piperales, Laurales, Aristolohiales, Ranunculales, Papaverales.
Repertorization, synergistic analysis, follow-up.
Video cases.

May 29-30:
Second column – Class Hamamelididae
Genus: Urticales, Hamamelidales, Juglandales, Myricales, Fagales

June 26-27:
Third column – Class Caryophyliidae
Genus: Caryophillales, Polygonales

July 24-25:

Fourth column -: Class Dilleniidae:
Genus: Dilleniales, Theales, Saraceniales, Ebenales, Malvales, Primulales, Ercales, Cucurbitales, Capparales, Salicales

September 25-26:
Fifth column – Class Rosidae:
Genus: Rosales, Myrtales, Fabales, Malpigiales, Geraniales, Malpigiales, Violales, Euphorbiales, Sapindales, Rhamnales, Cornales, Santalales, Celastrales, Apiales

November 27-28
Sixth column – Class Asteridae:
Genus: Poleminiales, Gentianales, Scophuraliales, Plantaginales, Rubiales, Lamiales, Dipsicales, Asterales

Third year – animal kingdom

January 28-29:
Sub-kingdom snakes
• Families: Colubridae, Elapidae (Elaps, Bangarus, Dendroaspis polilespis), Viperidae (Crotalos cascavela, Crotalos-horidus, Lachesis, Bothrops, Vipera berus), Boidae (Boa constrictor adipis,
Python regia)

Sub-kingdom birds:
1. Basic characteristics of birds ..
2. Passeriformes (Sparrow-like) – Golden oriolus
3. Raptors (birds of prey)
4. Video cases
5. Parotia carolae – information from the proof we did in 2019.

March 25-26:
Mollusk subkingdom:
Cypraea eglantine, Badiaga, Helix tosta, Venus mercenaria, Sepia officinalis, Octopus

May 27-28:
Sub-kingdom of mammals:
Lac-caninum, Lac-assinum, Lac-equininum, Lac-defloratum, Fel tauri, Lac-felinum, Lac-leoninum, Panthera tigris, Ambra grisea, Lac-delphinium, Lac-dromedarum.

July 29-30:
Sub-kingdom Insects:
Genus: Hymenoptera (Apis mellifica, Formica rufa, Vespa carbo)
Genus Diptera (Culex Musca, Musca domestica, Simulium macara)
Genus Coleoptera (Coccinella semptempunctata, Lamprohisa splendidula)
Butterfly (Inachis io, Saturnia pyri, Blue morpho, Limenitis bredowii)

September 29-30, 2022
Subkingdom spiders
Genus Scorpionae – Androctonus
Genus Araneae:
Subgenus: Mygalomorhae (Mygale lasidora, Tarentula cubensis, Atrax robustus)
Subgenus: Araneomorphae Aranea diadema, Aranea ixobola, Aranea scinencia, Loxosceles reclusa
Theridion, Latrodectus mactans.

October 28-29
Subkingdom viruses and bacteria.

All seminars are supported by video or powerpoint cases. In some of the seminars there will live cases. This will allow you to see the whole process.
We will study Materia Medica, philosophy of case taking, tracking technique, repertoire. The course mainly covers classical homeopathy (Hahnemann, Phatak, Boerike, Boger, etc.), Dr. Sankaran’s sensation method and Michal Yakir’s Evolutionary Theory.
Finally, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Lecturer: Genoveva Georgieva
Registered homeopath in the United Kingdom.
I have more than 10 years of practice.
I studied at the Homeopathic Society – Bulgaria and the in the ‘the other song’ International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy in Mumbai from 2013 to 2018.
I am the author of two books:
“The new sensation method in homeopathy” and “Synergy, innovation in homeopathy”. I was an organizer of seminars and courses for international lecturers in Bulgaria. Over time, I developed my own approach which will share with you. I currently live in England, but thanks to the internet I treat and train people from all over the world. I feel teaching as part of my journey, mission and life. This is my passion and pleasure. I love to see and feel even through the prism of the internet platform the enthusiasm and joy of my student’s success.
My passion is the deep study of human character and the combination of different techniques to reach his similimum: classical homeopathy, sensation method, Michal Yakir’s method, meditation, art therapy, regression, etc.

The course will have 20 modules.
There will also be 50 hours of practice.
240 hours Materia Medica, Philosophy, Repertory, Methodology, Emergency.
Total: 290 hours.
Fee for one module: BGN 160
Upon payment of the entire course: BGN 1,900/970 €
When paying by June 29: BGN 120 for the first module.

Pound account:
Account number: 94614608
Sort code: 60-83-71
Genoveva Kostova Georgieva
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