Student feedback:

Videlina Deneva (homeopath from Germany): Thanks again for the shared inspiration and knowledge! Individual approach, patience, and constant demand! I wish the seminars would turn into books to reach more people.

Maria Budakova(a dentist homeopath from Bulgaria): You are an exceptional person and homeopath. I am grateful that fate has met us and I can absorb your knowledge and experience. I want more and more people to seek this way of treatment, I want more and more people to touch this miracle! Keep going on the path of knowledge, training and inspiration!

Dilana Burnaova (pharmacist homeopath from Bulgaria):

I am happy to be part of this magical journey – homeopathy led by you. Thanks to the destiny for meeting us and that I have the opportunity to learn from your experience, to touch your charisma, to “absorb” the knowledge you share with us at every seminar and at every moment when I need help. After each meeting I felt inspired, charged and full of confidence, I felt more and more my connection and wholeness with everything around us and I understood more and more how homeopathy works and how it is a unique method of restoring health and well-being. During my training I also had my moments of despair, disbelief, I thought I will not be able to cope. But just then patients appeared, with whom we managed to get to the right remedy with the sensation method and I was happy seeing rapid improvements at all levels of the patient. Thanks to you for always giving me confidence and strength to keep going and not stop. I worship the power of homeopathy, I worship Samuel Hahnemann, I worship you Genoveva! I love you!

Daniela (nurse, Bulgaria): You are a virtuoso, Genoveva. You inspire me so much.

Adriana Michaltan (Homeopath with 10 years practice from Romania): “Despite my training in” the other song ” Academy of Advanced Homeopaths, I still find depth and insight for myself. Wonderful seminars.

Treatment of disc herniation with homeopathy.

Patients share experience with homeopathy

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