July 25-26.2020 – October 29.2020

July 25-26, 2020

First row of the PT – Hydrogen, Helium, Positronium
Repertoire of mental rubrics.

September 26-27:
Second row of the PT – Lithium, Berillium, Boron, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Fluor, Neon
Repertory chapter – general symptoms. Miasms.

October 24-25:
Third row of the PT: Natrium, Magnesium, Alumina, Silicea, Phosphor, Sulfur, Chlorine, Argon
Converting the patient’s words into rubrics.
How to learn homeopathic remedies?
Extract the center of the case.
Identification of secondary and tertiary symptoms.

November 28-29:
Fourth row of the PT: Kalium, Calcarea, Scandium, Titanium, Vanadium, Mangan, Ferum, Cobalt, Niccolum, Cuprum, Zinc, Arsenicum, Selenium, Brom, Krypton
Repertorization of physical symptoms – location, sensation, concomitant, modalities.
Acute conditions.

December 19-20:
Fifth row of the PT: Rubidium, Strontium, Niobium, Palladium, Argentum, Stannum, Antimonium, Iodum, Xenon.
Case technique.

January 30-31:
Sixth row of the PT: Caesium, Barium, Tantalum, Platinum, Aurum, Mercury, Plumbum, Radon
Tracking technique. What is a healing crisis and what is a homeopathic deterioration?

March 27-28, 2021:
Lanthanides and actinides: Lantanum-Lutentium
Actinium – Lawrencium
Tracking technique.

Second year:
Plant kingdom – parallels with the mineral and animal kingdoms
April 24-26:

First column – Class Magnoliidae
Genus: Magnoliales, Nymphaeales, Piperales, Laurales, Aristolohiales, Ranunculales, Papaverales.
Repertorization, synergistic analysis, follow-up.
Video cases.

May 29-30:
Second column – Class Hamamelididae
Genus: Urticales, Hamamelidales, Juglandales, Myricales, Fagales

June 26-27:
Third column – Class Caryophyliidae
Genus: Caryophillales, Polygonales

July 24-25:

Fourth column -: Class Dilleniidae:
Genus: Dilleniales, Theales, Saraceniales, Ebenales, Malvales, Primulales, Ercales, Cucurbitales, Capparales, Salicales

September 25-26:
Fifth column – Class Rosidae:
Genus: Rosales, Myrtales, Fabales, Malpigiales, Geraniales, Malpigiales, Violales, Euphorbiales, Sapindales, Rhamnales, Cornales, Santalales, Celastrales, Apiales

November 27-28
Sixth column – Class Asteridae:
Genus: Poleminiales, Gentianales, Scophuraliales, Plantaginales, Rubiales, Lamiales, Dipsicales, Asterales

Third year – animal kingdom

January 28-29:
Sub-kingdom snakes
• Families: Colubridae, Elapidae (Elaps, Bangarus, Dendroaspis polilespis), Viperidae (Crotalos cascavela, Crotalos-horidus, Lachesis, Bothrops, Vipera berus), Boidae (Boa constrictor adipis,
Python regia)

Sub-kingdom birds:
1. Basic characteristics of birds ..
2. Passeriformes (Sparrow-like) – Golden oriolus
3. Raptors (birds of prey)
4. Video cases
5. Parotia carolae – information from the proof we did in 2019.

March 25-26:
Mollusk subkingdom:
Cypraea eglantine, Badiaga, Helix tosta, Venus mercenaria, Sepia officinalis, Octopus

May 27-28:
Sub-kingdom of mammals:
Lac-caninum, Lac-assinum, Lac-equininum, Lac-defloratum, Fel tauri, Lac-felinum, Lac-leoninum, Panthera tigris, Ambra grisea, Lac-delphinium, Lac-dromedarum.

July 29-30:
Sub-kingdom Insects:
Genus: Hymenoptera (Apis mellifica, Formica rufa, Vespa carbo)
Genus Diptera (Culex Musca, Musca domestica, Simulium macara)
Genus Coleoptera (Coccinella semptempunctata, Lamprohisa splendidula)
Butterfly (Inachis io, Saturnia pyri, Blue morpho, Limenitis bredowii)

September 29-30, 2022
Subkingdom spiders
Genus Scorpionae – Androctonus
Genus Araneae:
Subgenus: Mygalomorhae (Mygale lasidora, Tarentula cubensis, Atrax robustus)
Subgenus: Araneomorphae Aranea diadema, Aranea ixobola, Aranea scinencia, Loxosceles reclusa
Theridion, Latrodectus mactans.

October 28-29
Subkingdom viruses and bacteria.

All seminars are supported by video or powerpoint cases. In some of the seminars there will live cases. This will allow you to see the whole process.
We will study Materia Medica, philosophy of case taking, tracking technique, repertoire. The course mainly covers classical homeopathy (Hahnemann, Phatak, Boerike, Boger, etc.), Dr. Sankaran’s sensation method and Michal Yakir’s Evolutionary Theory.
Finally, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.
Lecturer: Genoveva Georgieva
Registered homeopath in the United Kingdom.
I have more than 10 years of practice.
I studied at the Homeopathic Society – Bulgaria and the in the ‘the other song’ International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy in Mumbai from 2013 to 2018.
I am the author of two books:
“The new sensation method in homeopathy” and “Synergy, innovation in homeopathy”. I was an organizer of seminars and courses for international lecturers in Bulgaria. Over time, I developed my own approach which will share with you. I currently live in England, but thanks to the internet I treat and train people from all over the world. I feel teaching as part of my journey, mission and life. This is my passion and pleasure. I love to see and feel even through the prism of the internet platform the enthusiasm and joy of my student’s success.
My passion is the deep study of human character and the combination of different techniques to reach his similimum: classical homeopathy, sensation method, Michal Yakir’s method, meditation, art therapy, regression, etc.

The course will have 20 modules.
There will also be 50 hours of practice.
240 hours Materia Medica, Philosophy, Repertory, Methodology, Emergency.
Total: 290 hours.
Fee for one module: BGN 160
Upon payment of the entire course: BGN 1,900/970 €
When paying by June 29: BGN 120 for the first module.

Pound account:
Account number: 94614608
Sort code: 60-83-71
Genoveva Kostova Georgieva
Reason for payment: Your name ….
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Reason for payment: Your name …. – for homeopathy
You can use TransferWise. The TransferWise service is very cheap. The bank will convert your money.
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Please send confirmation and attached payment to email homeopathyvoice@abv.bg.

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