Hello, friends of homeopathy,

With great joy and inspiration, I invite you to the second webinar of this season dedicated to new methods and their application in homeopathy.



  1. The levels in the method of sensation;
  2. Characteristics of kingdoms;
  3. Cases from practice;
  4. The mistakes I have made over the years and how not to make them.
  5. Merging the new methods into a holistic whole.


I look forward to having fun together and celebrating the miracle of homeopathy! Let’s hear this other language of the other song, which disturbs the harmony of the healthy part in us and creates the disease.


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Who is this webinar for?

For homeopaths who are not familiar with the new methods or for those who have been practicing for a long time, but are lost somewhere along the way and need enthusiasm and zeal.


Most of you know about the method of sensation and it is indeed a great discovery, but what is more exciting is the combination of the two methods.

At first, I strictly followed the trajectory of the case in the background method, but then I realized that in some cases, especially those in the animal kingdom, the two can be combined to reach the exact source. For example, if we found out that the subkingdom is a reptile because the patient uses words as control, I am interested in human opinion, I would betray my husband without remorse because he does not pay attention to me, fear of snakes and the presence of turtles and frogs in the most important scenes from the case, it certainly belongs to the sub-kingdom of reptiles. If there are no characteristics of turtles such as slow speed, a feeling of heaviness in the back, topics of security, protection, and protection, although he mentions them, then it is from the realm of snakes or lizards. Since she did not have this speed (because I’m talking about a specific case) and zigzag movement, or jumping, which is present in lizards, I ruled out this possibility. So it remains to be a sub-kingdom of snakes, given the theme of spirituality and words like worms that wrap and a “twist your hand” gesture. Okay, but there are many snakes in nature, which one to choose? Here, after we have extracted the subkingdom through the method of sensation, the background method comes to the rescue. In two of the scenes, the pattern that was repeated was: a house and on the left a barn with corn and a garden in front. We know that besides Lachesis, Naja, Elaps, Crot-c, Vipera, and Bothrops there are many other snakes and there is one species of the family Colubridae, which is called the corn snake. This snake lives among the corn blocks is orange in color and has a belly with black and white stripes. In terms of behavior, when this snake is enclosed in a tight space, such as an aquarium, it can push the wall of the aquarium and get rid of it.

Now let’s see how these 3 main characteristics of the source are translated into the patient’s language?

When the patient described the object that would cause this pain when urinating (she has cystitis), this object was a brick, and they are red-orange, right? Where did you see this brick for the first time in your life? In a place where there were worms and snakes. In another interview, she had erupted spontaneously as she spoke about the picture from her regression: Ah, I forgot to tell you that this house had black and white edging. Finally, when I asked her about the feeling in the main complaint again, she described it as pushing, as if someone was pushing you.

And so we see how these two methods support and reinforce each other. We can only use the method of sensation, but the probability that the patient will describe these details with such precision is very small. Even if it does, we can be even more stable when we confirm it with the background method. Otherwise, it is a bit of a guess and the scientific element in homeopathy is lost.

The other thing that is most joyful and inspiring is that the background method helps tremendously in identifying rare drugs, especially from the plant kingdom. In it, even if we know, for example, that the fifth column of Rosidae corresponds to the fourth line of PT and has the theme of relationship with a partner, love, romance, rigidity, suffocation, sweet and soft side and prickly, angry and reach the aforementioned subclass Rosidae, again, it remains difficult to identify the exact drug of this subclass. Here we are helped by the themes of the lines by Michal Yakir and Mahesh Gandhi, but even if we understand that this is the first row of column 5 – genus Rosales because of childish behavior, acute fear of death, love pain, isolation, closing the heart, there are many drugs here. Which one to choose? In most cases, the information we have from Michal Yakir’s MM is not enough to identify the exact drug, and here the background method works wonders.

For example, I came across drugs such as Vanhoutte spirea (May snow), which cures a woman’s love problems, as well as the sadness of life, and Acer pseudoplatanus (maple), which cures breast cancer. Both are of the subclass Rosidae but are absent in MM. Corylus avelana, which cures severe, chronic allergies and scoliosis; rare moss, which I did not know at all, cured the allergy and the ability to stand up to a woman who has traveled to many treatments in Bulgaria and around the world, etc. etc.

I will be very happy to discuss these approaches together and I look forward to seeing you!

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Admission is free / donation

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