Hello to all lovers of homeopathy, I am very happy to invite you to the next course for beginners in new methods

“Getting to the center of the case”

Six modules from 10.09. to 27.11. 2022



Each module lasts 3-5 hours




First module: 10.09.2022

  1. Introduction for beginners. Levels in the method of sensation, miasms, trajectory when shooting the case, repertorization.
  2. First column of the plant table.
  3. Video cases.


The second module – 24.09. 2022

  1. The mistakes we can make in prescriptions. Significance of body language, gestures, projections. Miasms, repertoire, DD.
  2. Second column of the plant kingdom. Main topics, video cases.


Third module 8.10. 2022:

  1. Background method, features in extracting the elements from the background.

Third column of the plant kingdom.


Fourth module 30.10.2022

  1. Background method. 10 basic rules for recording food-related information.

4 columns of the plant kingdom. Main topics, cases from practice.


Fifth module 20.11. 2022

Fifth and sixth columns of the plant kingdom.

Live case.


6 Module: 27.11.2022

Mineral kingdom. Main topics. Video cases from practice.

Live case.


If necessary, the program can be changed depending on the level of the group, so that all ambiguities are clarified. Also, dates may change for health reasons or unexpected trips.


Records will be kept for 6 months after the end of the course.


This is an incredible opportunity to transform your practice fully using the basics of homeopathy along with the latest methods in it. Homeopathy is a wonderful science, but when we use only the logical part of it (MM and the Repertoire), we have 40% success. When we use the method of sensation, our results rise to about 50-60%. When we add the background method, the method of Michal Yakir and Mahesh Gandhi, plus the meditative methods of Jayesh Shah, the intuitive approach we develop thanks to our experience of shooting cases and watching video cases, the success rate rises to over 80-90%. Thus, using the left and right halves of the brain, we acquire a holistic or holistic approach to solving our cases. What else will we learn from this course?


The program set in this way is the main thread of the course, but during the sessions we will learn much more about:




– How to deal with healing crises?


– What to do when the first prescription failed?


– How to start the second interview?


Myths in homeopathy. There are many myths in homeopathy, such as prescribing Calcarea carbonica for obese patients with bone and joint problems; Nux-v for workaholics who are angry; Nat-m and Ignacia for patients with love disappointment, etc. There are over 100-200 myths in prescriptions. Yes, the patient’s constitution is important, but what happens in practice is that Calc-c can be weak, Nux-v can be in its passive phase and be tired, lazy, and instead of Nat-m and Ignacia needs Rose quartz or a Rosales subclass. This explains why well-shown drugs do not work. This is not because there is a blockage and we can unblock it with a nosode, but because we have not reached the heart of the case and this is what my practice shows: case after case for over 12 years. By the end of the course, we will look at many of these myths.

Perfect technique for capturing the case with all the intricacies:


– view from above;


– the meaning of the first 10 minutes;


– hot spot;




– understanding the patient’s body language, when he is lying and when he is not;


– work with gestures, scribbles and drawings.


With these methods you will be able to access drugs that are not described in MM. We can learn rare drugs and prescribe them, but it is quite another to learn to bring the patient to the level of the unconscious, from where he can draw information from the universe describing the inhuman song in it, which is the deepest cause of the disease. Then we can treat without medicine, because the method itself is therapeutic.


At the end of the course you will be more confident, more aware of the basic and newer principles in homeopathy, you will be able to evaluate and track your cases more confidently. You will be able to master the case masterfully and in general this will lead to a big step forward in your practice.


Feedback from students:

Eli Alex, attending CHE School: “I’m very impressed, I started to understand homeopathy. It’s a miracle.”


Dana Routledge: A homeopath with 12 years of practice. She graduated from an English college.

Now I believe I can learn homeopathy with a good teacher like you.

Videlina Deneva (homeopath from Germany): Thank you again for the shared inspiration and knowledge! The individual approach, patience and non-stop search! I wish the seminars to turn into books to reach more people.

Maria Budakova (dentist from Bulgaria): I am also glad that we were together. Very good, fruitful, interesting seminar. We learned a lot about filming the cases, different techniques and approaches to reach the source. Keep teaching us and to you flood us with knowledge! Thank you!

Dilyana Burnazova (pharmacist from Bulgaria): Thank you, Genoveva! Again a wonderful presentation of medicines, interesting cases and pleasant emotions! I am already looking forward to our next meeting! I wish you health

Daniela (nurse, Bulgaria): You are a virtuoso, Genoveva. You inspire me so much.

Adriana Michaltan (Romania) “Despite my training in” the other song “, I still find depth and insight for myself. Wonderful seminars.

I am waiting for you with love, impatience and inspiration!


Price BGN 400

When paying by August 15: BGN 300

When paying by August 15 in a group of over BGN 10 – 280 plus my book “Synergy, innovation in homeopathy” for free.


Account in BGN: CCB

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Genoveva Kostova Georgieva


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Genoveva Georgieva


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Please send confirmation and attached payment to homeopathyvoice@abv.bg. You will receive a zoom access link in the email.






If necessary, the program can be changed depending on the level of the group, so that all ambiguities are clarified. Also, dates may change for health reasons or unexpected trips.


Records will be kept for 6 months after the end of the course.


With much, much love,


Genoveva Georgieva, homeopath with over 12 years of practice


Tel. for contact: 0877 023259


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