The „self“ is disintegrating and this is the story of the universe. Going back to where we started will bring us peace.
Yesterday, 31 of March, discussing the topic of COVID 19 with my students, we came up with something interesting that I decided to share with you.
We are witnessing an incredible event with its disadvantages and advantages. The main thing that was seen among people was panic, fear of death, poverty, food overload as if an apocalypse was coming. The economy has slowed down, the petrol, airline and other companies are failing, the virus is affecting all countries without exception and spreading rapidly. Humans are isolated and forced to slow down, change and transform, come to realize that a precedent is taking place in human history, and they must humble themselves in front of the power of Mother nature.
If I have to summarize the whole situation in two words, I would say that they are: THE DESTRUCTION OF THE OLD AND THE BIRTH OF THE NEW. People need to change their thinking and habits and realize something even more profound: that the race for material values and separation from one another is no longer working, we are entering a NEW CYCLE. We have completed a whole cycle in which the old has to be DESTROYED in order for the NEW to be born. We see that this is not just a single virus, it is a total shaking of the planet. There have been 3 earthquakes in two consecutive days (in China, Serbia, and Croatia), along with the pandemic panic, so this is a time to realize that, whether or not this whole situation has been artificially created by the elite, Mother Earth has said her hard a word shaking us to realize that behind it all lies a higher plan. And the third word is HUMILITY.
After a little thinking and feeling, it suddenly occurred to me that it is Radon. I told myself that it must be an element between the last and the first element in nature. Humanity is in the phase of the deepest materialization, the evolution of the ego and separation have reached their peak, but on the other hand, we are on the threshold of a new era, the Aquarius era, which, according to astrologers, we enter in December 2020. I opened Josh’s MM to read about Radon and here’s the information:
Radon (from Radium)
‘I’ have achieved everything that a human can do to be powerful, yet ‘I’ realize there is something more powerful than me; the universe. Now ‘I’ must surrender to it.
Completion, yet formed from instability
Radon has an interesting story of its own. It is complete, and as such, it is chemically stable. Physically however it is unstable, and it is radioactive. This instability arises, not from the number of electrons within its structure, but from its atomic weight. Beyond atomic number 84, the heaviness itself causes instability in the nucleus of the elements. They are so heavy and unstable that they become radioactive. Radon on one side is complete in its electronic configuration yet it is unstable, heavy, and radioactive in its nucleus.
The source of Radon is radioactive Radium, from which its name stems. It also decays itself to Polonium. So here there is formation from one element and transformation to another, both by radioactivity. So, issues of disintegration, emission, and emanation are at their peak.
Bridging more than one gap. Completing the circle.
Radon is not only formed from the decay of Radium (Row 7), but also Uranium, Thorium, and Actinium from the Actinide series. In this way, Radon encompasses both the Lanthanide and Actinide series in its essence and nature. The issues of insight, easy ignition, catalytic nature, and explosion all can crop up in Radon cases.
Radon radiates alpha particles in its process of radioactive decay. What is fascinating and beautiful is that these alpha particles have something very insightful about them. They are Helium nuclei!
Radon is created by the disintegration of elements Rows 7 and 8, It belongs to the end of power issue of Row 6, and finally, it decays back giving Helium nuclei. Back to the beginning. So, this is the theme of Radon.
Here begins the realization of the inevitable. The inevitable process of destruction and disintegration to go back into the source. It is the beginning of the journey to the end. The beginning into completion. The full circle of the periodic table where the last known Noble Gas gives way to the nucleus of the first known Noble Gas Helium.
‘I’ disintegrate and that is the story of the universe.
To go back to where we started, that will lead us to peace.
Radon feels we grow, we evolve, we gain, we take, we keep hoarding, and we play the games of power only to realize the emptiness in this achievement. There is no power in the race of wanting more and more. The true power is in giving away. In totally merging with the power of the consciousness, awareness, I have the capacity to be the whole. But when I do that I merge with it. What difference does the ‘I’ make then? What difference does anything make then?
Radon, the syphilitic state, and power
The core theme of power in the remedy means it would, therefore, be suited to people with very deep and syphilitic states. Here the person has a feeling he has done his level best to become ultimate supreme and powerful. Themes of attack, defense, responsibility, power, have been achieved. He has tried to gain power and authority and supremacy by any means. He has looked at himself and investigated every deep hidden power within. He has moved people and others around with his power. Where he has not been able to use these ways he has even become explosive and aggressive and has done everything within his reach to feel primacy and authority. Now there is nothing left because after all, this has come a feeling:
What next? Is this material feeling of power enough?
Have I really conquered myself and the world? Why do I still feel like I am not as powerful or on par with the universe? Maybe I need to realize this is all that a human can achieve. There is something beyond me and to be able to feel at peace. I have to give in to this beyond. I can never be par with this force; I can only merge with it and be one with it. To be powerful means to be at one with the universe, but then there is no need for power. I just need to let go. I need to rest as the whole itself. That is what I am, I am the whole itself.
The only powerful phenomenon is one of realizing that power is not needed. I can conquer it if I realize that there is actually no need for it. Let me rest as the complete space of consciousness, the immensely powerful whole.
Radon could be suited for highly spiritual and immensely powerful people.
Power and spirituality
Patients who need Radon feel the power from their spirituality and feel they have gained power from their spirituality, yet they know deep down, that they must surrender to nature and be powerless. Radon is the move from seeking some kind of power in spiritual exploration and practice, to realizing humility. Row 6 comes through in this seeking of power in spirituality, for example, people who seek psychic powers or even healing skills from their spiritual pursuits. In more subtle ways patients can talk of the power of love; even seeking the power of love, reflects a need to gain power.
The state of peace in Radon comes from the realization of the ‘equality’ of all things including the self, and that there is no power to be gained or any need to gain it.
Destruction yet peace
We see Radon at the end of Row 6, epitomizing the story of the power that we as humans know so well; too much power can cause destruction. The completion of Row 6 marks such a heaviness of the atom that it can no longer physically hold itself together. It begins the process of self-destruction through radioactive decay.
Despite this theme of destruction, the Radon remedy picture still holds the core theme of the Noble gases – peace and ease in the state. There is an understanding of Radon patients that what they are going through, this sensation of destruction is nothing but the natural process of nature. There is peace in the decay. It is meant to be this way.
There is a sense of relief that the games of power and the struggle for survival are over. Everything new has been achieved and what remains is to accept the power and will of nature.
This is the way it has to be, nature’s way
Radon in nature signals exactly this issue
Radon is released from the earth just before an earthquake (we had e earthquakes for 2 days), and consequently readings of Radon in the air are used in earthquake prediction. It is also a poisonous gas by itself. An earthquake is a perfect example of human powerlessness. We can create as much as we want but it only takes a few seconds or minutes for mother nature to destroy it and make us realize how humble and insignificant we are. Both earthquakes and natural poisonous gases can do nothing except remind humans of their own fragility on this powerful earth which will always remain unrestrained and out of human control.
In the same way, Radon feels the realization that nature, or the whole, is so hugely powerful, and so much more powerful than they could ever be, that they can finally relax and surrender to that power.
‘I’ surrender to the uncontrollable and infinite power of the whole

Scholten about Radon:
Radon is an unknown remedy. It is a gas that is emitted from the earth’s crust during earthquakes as if it is signifying the end of the kingdom.

Scholten about the Gold series:
Alone Isolation
Another feeling we frequently meet in the Gold series is the feeling of isolation. They may be the king, but because of that, they feel separate from the ordinary people. The are so separate that they can no longer share their own, ordinary human being with others. This creates an intense feeling of isolation. There is no warmth, no contact with others. They have ceased to be human in a way because they have are above all that. ‘It is very lonely at the top’.
This is analogous to the non-reactivity of the precious metals, they are above it all, they don’t form connections with other elements. They are very active as a catalyst however, they facilitate reactions between other elements, but remain unaffected themselves. In the Complete repertory, we find rubrics such as: ‘aversion to family members’, ‘consolation.’, ‘fear, men of’, ‘fear, people of, anthropophobia’, ‘forsaken feeling’, ‘reserved’, ‘misanthropy’, ‘suspicious, mistrustful’, ‘talk, talking, talks, indisposed to, desire to be silent, taciturn’.

Characteristics of 18 stage:
Stage 18 = 0
o Rest Inactivity
o Retreat Cocoon
o Internal
o Locked up
o Transformation
o Denial
o Free Unbound
o Confusion

I was surprised to see the clinical symptoms of Radon in Murphy’s MM:
RADON (Radioactive Gas)
CLINICAL – Adenocarcinoma. Emphysema. lung cancer. Lung, disorders. Pneumonia, interstitial. Pulmonary fibrosis. Respiratory lesions. Silicosis.

Then I came back to the Generals of Jan Scholten and it was written:
Virus infections, AIDS.
Genetic defects, congenital diseases.
Affections of the bone marrow, leukemia.

Radon contains the main characteristics of the period we are going through: the old system disintegrates and a new one is created (Helium nuclei). During this period he goes through isolation, transformation, and humility. The lungs are affected and are prone to viral infections.
So, according to my humble knowledge, Radon could be a remedy for part of humanity.
Genoveva Georgieva