World Homeopathy Week (10-16 April, 2021)

Live patient review online.

Online practical webinar with Genoveva Georgieva.

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10.04., Saturday at 17.00 in Zoom.

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On the eve of a very exciting day, I would say the most exciting for homeopathy, the birth of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of this revolutionary system uniting the ancient and mystical knowledge of the east and west with the modern concepts of the new branches of science such as quantum physics, quantum electrodynamics, as well as transpersonal psychology shamanism and others. Practically combined with any method, homeopathy gives a holographic finish to the process reaching the greatest depth and precise individuality. According to the latest revolutionary paradigm, homeopathic medicine is a hologram that resonates with the person who is also a hologram, and so through the law of likeness, the upset life force (electromagnetic field, aura, hologram) is restored so that a person can fulfill the highest goals of his existence!